Grooming Salon Updates

Lockdown and Restriction Updates: 


We are currently closed for our regular grooming services until further notice.




What is welfare grooming?


A welfare groom differs from our usual grooming services on offer as it is a service given out of necessity to ensure the continued health and safety of your pet. It is not a grooming service given for cosmetic/aesthetic reasons.


Guidelines/Information about Welfare Grooming Appointments:


In line with Victorian guidelines, you should adhere to the 10 km rule and only request our services if we are within 10km of your home. Welfare grooms can be performed at other grooming salons and vet clinics and if your pet is in need, we recommend seeking this service from anywhere that is available to you.


Only existing customers will be eligible for a welfare grooming service with us at this time, due to extreme demand for services.


We will NOT be accepting requests for specific groomers. We ensure all our groomers are of an exceptional standard. You will be booked with the next appropriate appointment.


We will NOT be engaging in our usual discussions regarding styling requests.  The groomer will decide what is appropriate for your dog’s health during the welfare appointment. Given the condition of the coat to qualify for a welfare groom, clippers will be used on all matted dog’s coats where appropriate to breed.  


We have your grooming history; the groomers will know of previous styling and can take this into account. However, you will not have an opportunity to discuss this due to government restrictions. This is a welfare groom- clippers will be used on all matted dog’s coats where appropriate, we will not be dematting any excessively matted areas. We assume that your dog’s coat is beyond this if you are attending a welfare appointment.


When dropping off and picking up your dog for their appointment, you MUST wear a face mask. Your mask MUST cover BOTH nose and mouth and be secured appropriately. You must spatial distance appropriately. You will not be permitted to enter the store at this time, we will be implementing a contactless drop off/pick up.  Please alert staff you have arrived at your appointment by following instructions on the door at time of appointment. Please wait at the door located on Toorak Road at address; 16A Toorak Road, South Yarra VIC 3141.


Appointments CANNOT be completed if you are more than 15 minutes late. If you are running up to 15 minutes late, please get in touch with us BEFORE your scheduled appointment time to let us know. We DO NOT have access to our phone service presently. You can let us know of any delays via email, on Instagram, or text message by replying to your automated confirmation message (sent to you ahead of appointment).


Requirements and Eligibility:


You must provide us with an outline of your dog’s condition and photo of your dog’s coat/areas of concern and approximate date of last groom for our records. In addition, customers who obtain vet certificates will be prioritised where possible for grooming services.


Your dog may receive grooming services if;

Your dog’s breed is curly coated, combination coated, long and/or double coated and is living with the following conditions, or similar (based on breed specifics).

-   Dog is living with significant matting that is concerning to pet mobility due to pulling on the skin.

-   Dog is living with significant matting that is concerning to skin health beneath. For example, around ears, eyes, or paws where build-up of dirt could cause infection.

-   Dog has a thick or excessive undercoat that is unable to be removed from home.

-   Dog has overgrown nails.


Requesting Welfare Grooming Service:


Welfare grooms will be completed on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday’s during the month of October. We are only taking appointments for October 2021 at this stage.


You can request an appointment with us via the CONTACT FORM on our website. You will be required to fill out this form as it provides us with all the necessary information needed to book the service into our system, please include any appropriate information regarding your dog’s coat/appointment needs in the message section of the contact form.