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Our Story

How it began.

In 2015, we created a pet boutique like no other. 

Melburnians have always thought carefully about aesthetic, quality and design. Yet, there was no pet store that shared these same values. 

So, we decided to create our own concept store here in South Yarra.


We searched across the world for the highest quality, most unique and luxurious pet products we could find and brought them back for our Melbourne community.

Since then, we have also created our own world class grooming salon that specialises in Japanese style grooms. 


The name: Hachi

The word 'hachi' has three meanings in Japanese, but none of these explain why we use this word for the name of our shop.

Hachi was an Akita Inu dog, born in Tokyo in 1923. At the age of one, Hachi was adopted by Professor Hidesamuro Ueno of the University of Tokyo.


The loving pet would farewell his master at the front gate each morning, and watch as the Professor walked to the local station for his trip to work. Hachi soon learned the location of the station, and began the habit of walking there to greet the train carrying his master home at night.


Less than a year later, in 1925, the Professor unexpectedly died whilst at a lecture. The loyal Hachi continued his practice of going to the station every evening in the hope of his owner greeting him and walking home from work. 

This practice continued for eleven years, until the dog’s death. Over time the story became known in the area, and eventually throughout Japan.


Hachi became a national hero, highlighting the love and compassion that dogs bring to our lives.  


This compelling and heartbreaking story was the inspiration behind our store. We will always aspire to show our beloved companion animals just how much they mean to us. 

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