To assist you achieve a more fulfilling and rewarding life for your dog, and for you as its owner, Hachi recommends that puppies and young dogs attend training classes. Unfortunately, since opening our popular grooming room, we no longer have the space to hold workshops here at 
Hachi but we would recommend speaking to our friends over at Bark in the Park for more details on training classes.

Upcoming  Trainings & Workshops

Dog Training

As we have now opened our popular grooming salon, we unfortunately no longer have the space to hold puppy training classes here at Hachi. We do however highly recommend the services of Bark in the Park who have previously held classes here. For more information about Bark in the Park or to book training classes click here.

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Past Trainings & Workshops

Puppy Training Classes

We invited Bark in the Park, experienced government certified dog trainers, to work with any Hachi customers interested in using the services of a top level, highly professional puppy trainer. The method used is known as Positive Reinforcement Training, currently considered best practice by the Australian Veterinarian Association.


During their advanced puppy classes, Bark in the Park focused on:

  • loose lead walking on the street

  • appropriate greetings while loose lead walking

  • manners at the virtual café

  • how to build a reliable recall outdoors

  • safe play and interactions

  • tethering and stay

  • games, warm-ups​ and tricks

Anesthesia Free Dental Cleaning by Australian Animal Oral Care, Monday 27th February

A dental specialist from Australian Animal Oral Care (AAOC) will be in store, brightening our furry friends’ smiles. Dental hygiene is one aspect of pet care that is often neglected, but healthy teeth and gums are vital for the overall health of your pet, so it’s imperative to keep them clean and strong. AAOC uses techniques that calm and relax their patients without sedation, so it’s a hygienic rather than medical procedure, and will have no adverse effect on your canine buddy.

Augustine Approved Workshop, Saturday 25th February 2017

Don't miss out on a unique experience to see Phivo Christodoulou, owner of Augustine Approved talk about his range of health supplements at Hachi on Saturday 25th February starting at 2pm. This is a one off exclusive event that you do not want to miss if you are interested in providing your pets with nutritious, immune boosting supplements.

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