Hachi's Wine Pawty 23 & 24 June 2018

On the 23rd-24th of June, Hachi is hosting our first ever Wine Party! The wine tasting event is to celebrate our latest arrival, Dog Wine! The wine is imported from America and made with all natural ingredients. The champagne, charDognay and malBark are the perfect present for your dapper pooches. They even have chamomile and peppermint extract which is known to act as a relaxant for pups! We will also have a black tie themed photoshoot, so we can capture your pooches being swanky!

Date: Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 June

Time: 12pm - 4pm

Fee: $7 for wine tasting withcomplementary nibbles!

Free photoshoot : If you purchase a bottle of wine or spend $10 or more in store on the day you will receive a complimentary photo shoot! The photo booth will be an elegant wine bar theme!

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