Anesthesia Free Dental Cleaning by Australian Animal Oral Care, 3rd June

How confident are you in your dogs dental health? Have you ever had their teeth cleaned or checked up?

Hachi will have a dental specialist from Australian Animal Oral Care(AAOC) cleaning our furry friends teeth and gums on Tuesday 28th March, brightening our furry friends’ smiles. AAOC uses techniques that calm and relax their patients without sedation, so it’s a hygienic rather than medical procedure, and will have no adverse effect on your canine buddy.

Each appointment lasts 1 hour, and is priced at $350-400, depending on the size of your dog/cat. Don't miss this convenient opportunity to have your pets teeth examined and cleaned. Bookings are open and essential, so please call 98240713, or email to secure your time.

For a free check up walk ins are welcome.

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