About us

Our history

Hachi opened, at its present location in South Yarra, in April 2015. The store concept was based on two similar boutique pet stores, in Tokyo and New York, that had also brought a new style of pet product retailing to those cities, a style that has since caught on in other locations.

Our objective

At Hachi we have created a retail environment intended to bring joy to you and your canine companion, by offering an extensive range of pet clothing, fashion accessories, and dog food treats, along with gifts and home wear. We warmly welcome dogs and their loving owner

Our name

The word hachi has three meanings in Japanese, but none of these explain why we use this word for the name of our shop. Many people would be aware of the 2009 British-American movie Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, starring Richard Gere and Joan Allen, about an Akita Inu dog. It is after this faithful, loving dog, Hachikō, that our shop is named. This movie was a remake of the earlier Japanese film Hachikō Monogatari, which means The Tale of Hachiko.

Both films are based on the true story about Hachikō, born in Tokyo in 1923. At the age of one Hachikō was acquired by Professor Hidesamuro Ueno of the University of Tokyo. The loving pet would farewell its master at the front gate each morning, and watch as the Professor walked to the local station for the trip to work.


Hachikō soon learned the location of the station, and began the habit of walking there to greet the train carrying his master home at night. Less than a year later, in 1925, the Professor unexpectedly died whilst at work, yet the loyal Hachiko maintained its practice of going to the station every evening in the forlorn hope of greeting and walking home with the Professor.


This practice continued for eleven years, until the dog’s death. Over time the story became known in the area, and eventually gained broader coverage throughout Japan, the dog eventually becoming a national hero, now immortalised by a statue of dog and master outside Tokyo Station.


Understandably, The Tale of Hachiko is one of the best-known and most-loved stories in popular Japanese literature.

Hachi’s statue outside Shibuya Station in Tokyo

Akita dog is a large dreed originated in Akita, Japan and bred for pit fighting and hunting.

As a domestic pet, Akita is gentle, independent, and very loyal.

Our tag-line: where every dog’s a hero

We are proud to associate our business with such a wonderful dog, by the use of its name, however we also recognise many other dogs, in all breeds, shapes and sizes, regularly perform acts of heroism. It might be an informative bark when the postie comes to the letterbox, a friendly lick on the cheek after a long day at the office, or a big smile and wag of the tale as the morning’s greeting. More seriously, it might be incessant barking to warn of a fire outbreak, or a bad fall. Whatever the act, big or small, it will be one of the joys of dog ownership. That’s why we know as a certainty, in some way or other, all our customers’ dogs are heroes.